There's so much more to me than this guy that goes around doin' those crazy things... so much more.

―Theodore Robert Bundy


Pictured above is the mugshot of Elizabeth Short, better known as The Black Dahlia, arrested in 1943 for underage drinking in Santa Barbara. Born in Medford, MA, in 1924, Short spent her time after high school criss-crossing the country, eventually settling in Hollywood with predictably unrequited starlet-type aspirations. This aimless young lady came to national attention on 15 January 1947, after a stroller-pushing mother discovered her torn body in a vacant lot, torso cut in two and drained of its blood, a chunk of flesh taken from her leg and stuffed up her genitals, her hair freshly shampooed and still wet.


Richard was very sweet, quiet- in a way shy. Because we lived on the same block, I saw him just about every other day. He kind of watched over me. Made sure no-body bothered me. He was a good looking boy. The girls liked him. He was nice.”

- Childhood friend of Richard.



There’s no reason why. It’s just that you have an incident looking for a place to happen. There’s no reason why… That’s when we try to analyse human behaviour. We can not explain it. We can’t explain every facet of it. t some point we act the way we do because of the stimuli we’re exposed to and the environment we live in.

—Ted Bundy



Hitler flirting with Eva Braun.